Eirini Telidou offers a professional therapeutic service of  very  high quality with a  sensitivity in her touch and  vision  the improvement of people's life and health, spiritually and physically.

 She studied as X-Ray Operator and  has 15  years experience in the  X-ray labs of  the General Hospital of Nikea Piraeus, scanning of orthopedic surgeries as her specialty.
 After that experience she has studied  Ancient Ayurvedic Massage Techniques and Acupressure Systems in India, Chiropractic and Traditional Detox Systems taught by her teacher Milena Brahoriti in Greece, Theta Healing (THInK, U.S), Crystal Healing.

 Her sound knowledge of the physiology of the human body and the experience  of decades of working  with  people  of  all ages and backrounds, guarantees that you will  see immediate  relaxation or energizing  effects after the first session and therapeutic effects after 3-4 sessions. 



Theta Healing  60' - 90'

Meditational process at Theta state of brain (4-7 Hz)  that brings about physical, psychological and spiritual healing.

Full Body Lift Up  60'-120'

Mix technique including Ayurvedic Full Body Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Chiropractic Bone Manipulation (upon request), Digestive and Lymph System Massage, Increase of flow of energy on the meridians, Yoga Stretching, Breathing and Meditation

Back & Neck    60'

Elimination of  knots and stiffnes of the muscles also light adjustment  of spine

Reflexology 60'

Practice of ACS (Acupressure Care System) of India for hands, legs and ears


Crystal Healing  30'

Apply of energized crystals on the body and meditation


Cellulite & Stretch Marks Treatment

Special for preventing cellulite and stretch marks

Detox with Honey & Suction Cups 

Full body detox from uric and lactic acidocis



CONTACT         0030 6972953736





 Irena is also a well known artist, member of Fine Arts Institute of Athens, specialized on Spiritual Design and Creative Color Therapy. Her art you can enjoy at  f: Shanti Irena (Irenka Internationali)




Irena Telidou          

Painting - Electronic Treatment of Picture - Decoration

Member of Fine Arts Institute of Athens

 She is generally self-educated, apart from certain courses of sketch in the art gallery of  Municipality of Athens and audience participation in classes of University of Fine Arts of Athens.
She  began to paint in age of 3-4 years under the  encouragement of her mother which as a teacher saw the talent in her pictures , as later schoolteachers and professors that order from her to  decorate school feasts.

In 1984 she  began to deal professionally with airbrush work on motorbikes and cars, big size wall paintings, various artistic work, decoration of clubs and shops, settings of theater '' KAROLOS KOUN'' ,  advertisements, etc…
  At the same time with the artistic action she finished the school of X-Ray Operator and she undertook in 1987 the place of assistant of radiologist in the hospital of Nikea Pireus up to 1999.
In this space existed founding member of team of art '' FIGURATIVE TRAVEL''  and organized three exhibitions:


  • 1995      Amphitheater of Nikea’s Hospital  at Pireus
  • 1995     Spiritual Center of Koridalos  at Pireus
  • 1996     Theater of Town Hall of Piraeus

    Because her specialty in the airbrush art, she  gave courses for some  time  in the institution of re-establishment of young persons ''ARSIS'' in Athens.
 In 1999 judged that her work at the hospital , block her  to develop artistically , so she resigned.
   Since then  she deal with decoration of international electronic music  festivals  (Austria, Italy, Greece, India), painting, digital treatment of picture and other artistic actions .
   She uses various techniques and materials, however she like oil colors adding semiprecious stones and recycled materials, aquarelle pencils and U.V acrylics.
   At the years 2003-2004 she made practical practice in classic artists like Aivazovsky and Shishkin , in Russia which help her  evolve her technique.
   Also her travels in the east inspired her to create the collection  ''AURA'' which in  bigger part portrays invisible but real auras of Earthlings: humans, animals, plants and crystals.
   Her subjects have relation with her love for the spirituality, the alternative treatments, the human potential and nature. Her art bring in the surface dimensions of our internal worlds and of what we call immense universe.
  In many of her original work she has made electronic treatment and she publish big collection of posters with subject like crystal healing, structures of D.N.A, vibrations, vortex, whirls, magnetic energies, the macrocosm that surrounds us also  the very important to know about it microcosm.
  Since 2010 she is member of Fine Arts Institute of Athens

  At the years of 2010-1013  she give voluntary  painting lessons to ''Shelter'', Children and Teenager’s Social Supporting Society ( N.G.O) of Syros

 Exhibitions After 2000

  • 2001-2003   Various Festivals of Electronic  Music, Austria,
  • 2004-2007  Goa, India, Flee Market, Psy Parties
  • 2008   '' Friends of Art''  of Giorgos Vanakos in gallery '' Obi Up Town'', Athens
  • 2008   ''Sonica Festival'', Italy
  • 2009   ''Ash in Art'' Gallery, Athens
  • 2009   ''Fuct Art'', Art Magazine
  • 2010   '' Pantou'' Multifunctional club, Athens
  • 2010   ''Aquarium'' Kini,  Syros
  • 2010   ''Harmonia Festival'', Athens
  • 2010   ''Nosotros'', Athens
  • 2010   ''Believe in Fairytales'', Mykonos
  • 2010   ''Braziliana'', Athens
  • 2010   ''Psyculture Festival'', Drama
  • 2010   ''Full Moon Festival'', Berlin
  • 2011   ''Harmonia Festival'', Athens
  • 2011   ''Hermoupolis'' Art Hall, Hermoupolis, Syros
  • 2011   ''Music and Cultural Festival'', Ancient Olympia
  • 2011   ''Thia Methi'', Hermoupolis, Syros
  • 2011   ''Boheme del Mar''Hermoupolis, ,Syros
  • 2012  ''Hermoupolis'' Art Hall, Hermoupolis,  Syros
  • 2012  ''Thia Methi'', Hermoupolis, Syros
  • 2012  ''Polihoros'', Talanta, Syros
  • 2012  ''X Folklore Museum''  , Ano Syros
  • 2013  '' Fat Cut Upcycling'', Hermoupolis, Syros
  • 2013  '' Open Art Studios'', Syros
  • 2014  ''Caravel", Athens
  • 2014 "Gazi" Athens
  • 2014 "Melina Merkouri", Koridallos
  • 2016 "Flower of life", Athens
  • 2016 "Orizontas gegonoton", Athens

Later work themes has to do with visions and spirituality also with human rights and cultures, natural life and ecology.

She is also teaching painting and sacret geometry.

f: Shanti Irena

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